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Agro Coordination was founded in 1981 as a campaign of the “Federal Coordination Internationalism” (BUKO) covering topics in agriculture and nutrition.

It was and still is our aim to show the negative results of the neo liberal agricultural und trade policy on the countries of the south and to develop new perspectives which strengthen the interests of the marginalized.

Since 1981 we have covered issues like imports of feeds stuffs, EU Food Aid and EU agricultural export policies, internationals trade policy and trade agreements, women in agriculture, genetic engineering and biotechnology in agriculture, biopiracy, biodiversity and patents on life.

We organize actions, campaigns, conferences, seminars, events and produce publications.

Our current emphasis is on biological diversity, climate change, food security and food sovereignty.

Our educational propjet BIOPOLI informs young people on the silent loss of diversity in crops and animal husbandry which endangers food security worldwide. Agricultural diversity has been developed by farmers for thousands of years. This diversity is in danger of becoming completely commercialized by a handful of corporations

We want to strengthen the rights of farmers and communities to protect their breeding work.

Agro Coordination is active in the Hamburg One World Group and Werkstatt3 as well as several networks and campaigns in Germany. We cooperate within the German NGO Forum for Environment and Development

Agro Coordination is independent and organized as a charitable organization called Forum for international Agricultural policy. The headquarter is in Hamburg, Germany.

Our achieve is open to the public and we help in establishing contacts to similar groups. We offer to find resource persons for events on various development issues.


Our profile in German can be downloaded here.



Do 17.01.2019

Praktikant_in gesucht für Januar/Februar

Die Agrar Koordination sucht hauptsächlich für Januar/Februar 2019 eine Praktikantin/ einen Praktikanten. Wir freuen...

Sa 19.01.2019

Demo Wir haben es satt!

Essen ist politisch!

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